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Entry #1

The new and Improved

2011-10-15 00:16:12 by tay2von

Ive been working on a lot of new stuff and trying to improve to get better and better. Im gonna start submitting my beats and I want everyone to comment and tell me what you think. Thankssss


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2011-11-07 19:08:07

I've listened to your stuff. I wouldn't care too much about the trolls, but I've given feedback on two songs thus far.

I understand you're new, but you do have potential - keep making music, hammer out the kinks, build up on the strong points and you'll be good to go!


tay2von responds:

Thanks bro, ill keep makin lots more and get better... Time for me to check out your stuff


2011-11-08 06:11:29

By the way, I'm a girl. So 'bro' doesn't.... really.... apply. ^_^'
Wouldn't be clear on the outset, I guess. :P

tay2von responds:

OHHH shoot lmao, Im sorry..... Thanks Sis, I guess lol